As autumn arrives and the summer retreats, climate can affect your hair. You may notice frizz or dry scalp. Summer sun can bleach hair and in autumn, light colour may not match your complexion. Below you can find steps to revive your hair, ready for a shimmering autumn glow.



When your summer tan begins to fade, re-evaluate your hair colour. Find out which colours complement your autumn skin tone. If the sun lightened your hair, have it toned down by one shade or choose some low lights.


Beautician washing off shampoo from woman's hair at beauty spaHair Condition

Use good quality hair products. In autumn, you should use a conditioning mask once a week in place of your normal conditioner to restore hair. If your hair is badly damaged from summer heat, consider a keratin blow dry.


Scalp Function

During autumn, weather can disrupt the way your scalp produces natural oils. Keep well hydrated to allow healthy scalp function and consider introducing more fatty acids into your diet.


blow dryingStyle

Compared to summer, hair takes longer to air dry in the autumn. Blow drying is a great way to shape your style but, make sure you use products to protect from heat and rebalance moisture.


hair-cuts-styles-blow-drysHair fall

It’s natural to see increased hair loss in autumn due to hair growth cycles. During this phase, consider cutting 2-3 inches from the length to maximise thickness. A re-style changes your look for the autumn and reveals fresh, healthy ends.



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