Tips for maintaining hair at home

In an ideal world, I would come to your house every day to look after your hair. You could sit back, catching up on facebook while I work my magic. As lovely as that sounds, keeping condition healthy at home is down to you. Don’t worry though, it’s easy! Healthy hair is a matter of diet, cleansing, conditioning and grooming. See my previous post for info on diet considerations. Below are tips for grooming…

1. Be gentle when you brush

Most snagging and ripping occurs when you are brush/comb erratically. A gentle approach cuts down self-inflicted hair breakage. Brushing once a day helps distribute healthy oils along the hair shaft and remove any build up. Only brush dry hair, a comb is better after hair has been washed.

2. Good quality shampoo

Low quality shampoos tend to be made of harsh ingredients, which strip hair condition. Precious ingredients and correct formulations guarantee results so use a quality product for your hair type.

3. Good quality tools

Poor quality brushes, combs and section clips can cause damage by snagging the hair shaft. Keep tools clean to avoid spreading dirt back into your hair and replace them when they begin to wear out.

4. Add care steps for wet hair

Your hair is at the greatest risk of breakage when it’s wet. After washing, blot dry with a microfiber towel and detangle using a wide tooth comb with conditioning spray. Always use a small dab of serum on the wet ends to protect them until the next wash.

5. Book a trim for dry ends

Ends are the most vulnerable and show signs of damage rapidly. Have a healthy trim every 6 to 8 weeks to reveal superior hair condition. Re-book your next appointment while I am with you to keep yourself organised.


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Prior to this post, I covered how you can keep hair healthy through diet. When you have strong hair, you want to keep it looking beautiful. In the next post, find massage techniques for taking care of condition as you wash.






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