Take care of your hair while blow drying

If you are mindful of your hair’s vulnerability when blow drying, you can avoid unnecessary damage. Your hair has a delicate structure when wet, so take care. Too much heat can strip essential moisture, dry hair out and cause damage.

Having prepared your hair after washing, see my top 10 tips below,

Tips for blow drying

  1. If hair is long or thick, dry in sections to manage one part at a time.
  2. Follow instructions on styling products and use one with heat defence.
  3. Use the medium heat setting to avoid harsh temperatures and prevent frizz.
  4. Hold your nozzle around 4 inches from the surface of the hair for correct air flow.
  5. Encourage cuticles to lay flat by directing airflow down the hair shaft, towards the floor.
  6. Keep the flow of air moving and avoid concentrating heat in one place.
  7. Avoid pointing hot air directly at the scalp to avoid burn.
  8. To smooth, dry hair fully throughout removing all moisture.
  9. Avoid over-drying, as you can strip out necessary oils. Stop once the hair is dry to the touch.
  10. Clean out the dust filter of your dryer regularly to keep it hygienic.

To help you improve the results of styling, I have more info and professional techniques in the basic care section of my blog. I cover diet, washing, care tips and blow dry preparation. As a bridal specialist, I have posts specifically for bridal hair which you can view in my next post.





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