Tips to prepare your hair for wedding day perfection.

The goal is beautiful hair on your wedding day. You want your hair to look amazing. Booking a professional ensures you get the right style but, consider things you can do before the wedding to achieve beautiful results. Strength, condition and colour are key. Below are some easy ways to get your hair wedding-ready.

Basic Hair Carea beautiful girl standing at the shower

Looking after your hair with a planned routine improves condition long-term. Choose good quality products and handle your hair gently. You can find info in my Basic Hair Care posts.


Nourish yourselffruits1

In the pre-wedding months, consider foods that contribute to healthy growth and scalp function. The effects take time to show and need consistency but, hair will become stronger, healthier and may grow faster.



Stylists have more control over the result than home hair colour products. We analyse your skin tone and hair structure to avoid damage during application. Schedule your wedding colour between 1 and 2 weeks before the day.


Deep condition once a week and use a spray conditioner to de-tangle wet hair.  The last time you deep condition before your wedding, should be one week in advance to avoid styling interference. If you suffer from dry or frizzy condition, consider a keratin blow dry.


TrimsProfessional hairdresser with long hair model

Keep up to date with your trims. A trim gives a more healthy appearance and prevents damage spreading further up the hair shaft. If you want to grow your hair for the wedding, just trim a centimeter every 6 weeks.


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