Benefit from professional techniques at home

Do you notice that when I wash your hair at your appointment, it feels more relaxing? It’s because I use scalp massage techniques. These are simple hand movements that make a difference to your experience. Massage is also beneficial for hair growth. Blood circulation to the scalp improves and has a notable effect on your wellbeing.

Below are explanations of each hand movement,

Hair cleansing techniques


The French word meaning “to skim” or “to touch lightly on”, is a soothing, stroking movement. During hair wash this is used to relax the scalp and distribute shampoo or conditioner evenly.

Hold hands flat with fingers together. Beginning at your hairline, slowly sweep both hands over the surface of your hair, moving backwards and down the head. As hands move across the surface, they lightly mold to the contour of the head. Repeat the action on the sides of your head.


A movement using the fingers and thumbs in circular motions. The action moves shampoo around the scalp.

Place your hands as if holding a big hamburger. The fingers are spread apart. With hands in this pose, place pads of fingers to scalp. Keep fingers still and use your arms to control slow circular movements. Fingers glide over the surface of the scalp. The action will move shampoo around your head. Keep tension in fingers for firm pressure or, relax them for lighter sensations.


The word “petrissage” is derived from the French verb “petrir” which means “to knead“. Used to stimulate blood flow.

Place your hands in the ‘rotary’ pose. Keep tension in the fingers to apply firm pressure. Keeping the pads of fingers in contact with the scalp, move arms in circular motion. Concentrate on one area at a time. When you feel tension in the scalp ease, lift the hands and place fingers down on a new area.


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You can learn how to use these techniques as part of your hair wash routine in the next post.






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