Wash like a stylist

Changing the way you wash your hair can dramatically improve condition. Following manufacturer’s instructions is a good starting point but, use high quality products to benefit from fine ingredients. I recommend Alterna Bamboo. Aside from this, stylists use methods that are kind to hair structure and distribute products correctly.

Step 1, prepare

Gently brush hair to remove tangles and disburse loose fragments. Brushing stimulates beneficial blood flow to the scalp.

Step 2, wet hair

Use warm running water to cover your head, scalp and hair until soaked through.

Step 3, first shampoo

Dispense shampoo, roughly the size of a 50p coin, into the palm of your hand. After putting down the bottle, transfer some product on to your free hand by lightly wiping your palms and fingers across each other. Use the effleurage technique to distribute shampoo through hair. Follow with rotary. Concentrate on the root area and not the lengths.At this stage, shampoo works by breaking down oil. It may not lather. Having massaged scalp thoroughly, use warm water to rinse.

Step 4, second shampoo

Repeat step 3, but reduce the quantity of shampoo by half. This time, the shampoo will lather. As lather grows, use the effleurage technique to distribute through the lengths. Continue with rotary on the scalp. The lather gently cleanses the hair while you concentrate on the scalp. This eradicates scrubbing action on the hair shaft. If you would like a deeper massage, you can follow with petrissage.

Step 3, conditioner

Apply product into the palm of hand and distribute by lightly wiping palms and fingers together. The amount to use will depend on your hair length, texture and thickness but use sparingly to avoid over saturation.  Use effleurage to distribute the product from the roots to the ends.  All hair should be covered, not saturated. Use a wide tooth comb to distribute further. Begin at the roots and comb down the length. Leave on for 1 minute. If you suffer from dry scalp, use the petrissage technique. Rinse with tepid or cool water until product has washed away.

Step 4, Serum

Serum applied to soaking wet hair locks in moisture to protect structure. Mid-length to long haired ladies are the most likely to suffer with dry ends and need to apply this product after washing. Dispense a pea sized amount into your fingers, rub together and pull the product through the ends of your hair.

Once a week, use a hair mask in place of your conditioner. There are more details on this and, how often you should wash your hair in my next post.




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